The Boy Who Would Be King
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The Boy Who Would Be King
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A View on Worshipping G-d
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The Boy Who Would Be King

More on Claiming: The following comments are my own (Mark) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of anyone else but I think they may.

The Boy Who Would Be King

Many people mightier than the boy Arthur tried to pull the sword from the stone to claim Excalibur and the “God-ordained” right, as the legend goes, to Britain’s throne. Shepherds, farmers, blacksmiths and tailors shoved to see, to take their chance to leave a commoner’s place in this world to be...King. How glorious!

But only one, one who was seen as perhaps the most UNLIKELY of them all, was actually able, was after all, worthy, and did it with ease, and claimed his rightful KINGSHIP without the might of men in spite of their heckling and ridicule at his expense.

(Going wide now!) If you're listening to music on XM, your receiver is not attuned, obviously, to, let's say, AM frequencies. You can't hear any programming being broadcast from any station using AM freq's.

Please, STOP CRYING over anyone's "AM broadcasts" when you know you operate on an "XM satellite signal". When we listen to their static, it only means that we’ve stooped to or haven’t risen above a low, common esteem of ourselves, revealing our ignorance of our true selves and depending on others to love and accept you and I, (God’s unique gift to the world) on their terms. What is for you is waiting ON YOU. Made in God’s likeness and image, the GREATNESS of GOD is in YOU.  It also waits for its expression through you...

Some guy was given a LOT of authority on the trust of his employer. After a really long trip on kingdom business, the business owner called for an account of his staff. This guy with the authority I was telling you about, hid the money, didn’t invest it over time and gave back what he received, brushing off the dirt where he had buried it in fear. I have buried my talents due to fear. Now I try to maximize my days to make up for those years. No I can't get them back they're gone for good.  But I can redeem the time I have now.

Read the parable of the talents to see what happens next. It ain't nothin' nice...

We welcome your comments on this blog; let us know you're there and give your two cents worth. We'd love to hear from you!

Until the next time,
I wish you peace, I wish you LOVE.

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